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Did you know we have unalienable Common Law rights in England and the Commonwealth that cannot be lawfully taken away? Our ancient Constitution has persisted for over a millennium, proving its tenacity and the strength for which our forebears gave their lives. Our realm is ruled by the laws embodied in our forefathers' glorious Constitution, not by the Monarch, Parliament, or the Monarch in Parliament. We aim to end the practice of keeping the public in the dark regarding the common law and their rights.

We are a grassroots movement that promotes and demonstrates our natural birth rights and sovereignty. Moreover, in 2001, Magna Carta 1215, Article 61, was invoked. The invocation was held to defend "British Rights and Freedoms" and to urge people to safeguard their personal and national sovereignty for future generations. More information on these events may be found in the petition, Article 61, and the event communication, which are available so that more people can read them. In addition, our Patreon library, presented in a multimedia format, contains years of accumulated content, which we constantly update, including articles and artefacts relevant to today's political situation.

Our movement has developed steadily, and we currently have the most members of any such Facebook group. (over 70 thousand members and counting). Although Facebook intentionally limits our reach and frequently bans our administrators, we continue to thrive. Furthermore, we are experimenting with new formats to widen the campaign's reach, such as the publication of this website, telegram, and, most importantly, street campaigning!

Everyone has the right to be aware of their rights under the law. Our pages are like a living online library for this subject, encompassing various topics and drawing on multiple writers and historical materials.

Subscribers can rely on us to answer the proper inquiries to empower their standing under oath to the Constitution, create their lawful standing, and protect themselves and their family's home and broader community! Unearth relevant links and material; templates, trials, PDF downloads, articles, and footage are all available.

This website is a portal to our store, packed with helpful and practical campaign tools. Any extra money is instantly invested into the campaign to cover necessary expenses such as management, printing vast quantities of pamphlets, travel, and subsistence while canvassing. To access this extensive library of footage, files, and other resources, please become a supporter by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

We are proud of our street campaign. Almost every weekend, we travel to a different city or town to film and distribute flyers, cards, and other materials to increase awareness of your rights and the necessary laws that are still in effect today. Of course, this may be expensive, so we rely significantly on the generosity of our Patreon donors to make it all happen. Reading comments and messages from our supporters is always uplifting since they keep us going.

You'll discover campaign materials, packs, and fascinating stuff in our shop! Glossy, high-quality fliers, for example, are inexpensive and can be used to leaflet your town's main street, send to stores and businesses, and spread the word about unalienable rights and the force of the Magna Carta. Go to the Gift Shop option at the top of the page to see it. Each pack has been carefully selected, and we hope you enjoy them!

Your subscription would help us fulfil our aims, reach more people, and have a more significant effect. Funding is used to promote social media, banners, brochures, and canvassing nationwide and even globally as our designs reach other shores. With your aid and our global team, we can do this! In addition, you can assist us with day-to-day management, administration, platform fees, and addressing concerns. Our supporters keep our campaign going and allow us to continue hosting everyone. Their contributions can be as small as a cup of coffee per month. They are the movement's heart and soul! And we hope they enjoy their subscriptions.

You can help us achieve our goals of fighting for your rights and creating awareness of our fundamental freedoms by registering below! Contribute to the long-term preservation of all of our rights and liberties!