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Did you know that you have Common Law rights in England and the Commonwealth that are unalienable and cannot ever be legally removed? Our old Constitution has survived for more than a millennium, demonstrating its durability and the strength for which our forefathers sacrificed countless lives. England is governed by the law of the excellent Constitution that our forebears gave to us, not by the Queen, nor by Parliament, and not even by the Queen in Parliament. We want to change the long-standing practise of keeping the public in the dark about Common Law and their rights.

We are an active grassroots movement promoting and presenting our inherent birth rights and sovereignty. The first point to mention is Magna Carta 1215 Article 61, which was invoked in 2001. The invocation was held to maintain "British Rights and Freedoms" and to motivate individuals to defend their personal and national sovereignty for future generations. More information about these events may be found in the petition, Article 61, and the communication around the event, which we made available and promoted so that a larger number of people could read them. Years of accumulated content, including articles and artefacts pertinent to today's political context, are available in our patreon library, which is presented in a multimedia style.

Our movement has grown from strength to strength, and we now have one of the most members of any such Facebook group (over 65 thousand members and counting). This is despite Facebook deliberately limiting our reach and frequently banning our administrators. We are experimenting with new formats to broaden the campaign's reach, such as the publication of this website, telegram, and, most importantly, street campaigning to spread the word!

We believe that everyone has the right to know their rights, and our pages are like a living online library for this subject, covering many angles and utilising multiple authors and historical documents.

We are available to subscribers to answer pertinent questions and locate relevant links and literature for you; templates, trials, PDF downloads, articles, and footage are available. This website serves as a portal to our shop, which has powerful campaign tools. Any profits are reinvested directly into the campaign to help fund critical costs such as mass leaflet printing, travel, and canvassing subsistence. To access this extensive library of footage, files, and more, become a supporter by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

We are very proud of our street campaign, and we try to go to a new city or town almost every weekend to record footage and deliver leaflets, cards, and other materials to help raise awareness of your rights and ancient laws that are still relevant today. Of course, all of this can be quite costly, so we rely heavily on our extremely generous Patreon supporters to make it all possible. It's always encouraging to read comments and messages from our supporters because they keep us going.

In our Shop, you'll discover campaign materials and packs, as well as some interesting items! Packs of glossy high-quality flyers, for example, are available at a low cost, with the purpose of leafleting your town's main street, delivering to stores and companies, and spreading the word about unalienable rights and the power of the Magna Carta. To view, go to the Gift Shop option at the top of the page. Each of these packs has been meticulously picked; we hope you enjoy them!

Your membership would assist us in meeting our objectives, reaching more people, and having a greater impact. Funding is being utilised to promote social media, banners, pamphlets, and canvassing around the country. You can assist us with day-to-day management, administration, platform costs, and answering queries. Our supporters keep our campaign going and allow us to keep hosting for everyone, and it can be as little as a cup of coffee every month. They are the movement's heart and soul! And we hope they enjoy their subscriptions.


You can help us achieve our aims of fighting for your rights and creating awareness of our fundamental freedoms by registering below! Contribute to the long-term preservation of ALL of our rights and liberties!

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