Did you know that you have unalienable Common Law rights in England and the Commonwealth that can never be lawfully removed? Our ancient Constitution has longevity of over 1000 years which shows it has strength, fought for by our ancestors with countless lives spent in defence of it. England is ruled, not by the Queen or by Parliament and not by the Queen in Parliament, England is ruled by the law of the very good Constitution left to us by our forefathers. For too long the public have been kept in the dark regarding Common Law and their rights, this is something we are seeking to change.

We are a dynamic movement promoting our 'unalienable birth rights' and Sovereignty under the Law.​​ First and foremost we promote the fact Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 was invoked in 2001. Then in doing so, our inalienable rights, since the invocation happened to help defend 'British Rights and Freedoms', but there is more to this than that, in the correspondence that was written surrounding the event, that we think should be accessible and promoted and read by more people, so it is all presented within our patreon library amongst many other articles and artefacts.

Our movement has gone from strength to strength, and can boast one of the largest number of members of any such Facebook group (currently standing at over 65 thousand members) and counting. This is despite all the fakebook outreach curbing and frequent banning of our admin. We are branching out into new formats to increase the outreach of the campaign, such as the publication of this website, telegram and most importantly of all our street campaigning to get the word out!

We believe everyone has a right to know their rights and our pages are like a live online library for this subject. 

We are on hand to answer relevant questions and find links and literature for you personally, there are templates, trials, PDF downloads, articles and footage. This website functions as a gateway and easy access to our shop which has powerful campaign tools. Any profits go right back into the campaign to help fund critical costs such as mass leaflet printing, travel and subsistence for canvassing. To make use of this extensive library of footage, files and more, become a supporter using the button at the bottom of this page.

We are very proud of our street campaign and almost every weekend we try and head to a new city and town, record footage and deliver leaflets, cards and other materials to help raise awareness of your rights and ancient laws which are still relevant today. Of course, all this can be quite expensive so we rely heavily on our very generous Patreon supporters, who make all this possible. It is always lovely to read comments and messages from our supporters that keep us going.


In our Shop you will find campaign materials and packs, and some fun stuff too! Packs of glossy high quality flyers for instance are available at a modest cost, the goal being that you can leaflet the main street of your town, delivering to shops and businesses and spreading the word of unalienable rights and the power of the Magna Carta. Click the Gift shop tab at the top of the page to view. Each of these packs has been curated with care.. we hope you enjoy them!

As stated elsewhere, this site functions as our gateway, so if you are looking for the lion's share of content, please view our patreon site for subscribers, or alternatively click the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page to visit our big group where all are welcome.

We are now at the point where funding would help us achieve our goals faster, reach more people and increase our impact. Funding would be used for social media promotions, banners, placards, leaflets, and canvassing nationwide. You can help us achieve our goals to push back for your rights and raise awareness of our fundamental freedoms by clicking the register box below!  Help us to preserve ALL of our rights and freedoms on a permanent basis!​​