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In the current climate we face an insidious challenge to our liberties – the rising tide of intolerance and denial of free expression. We could no longer sit on the sideliners and watch things unfold, so we made it our mission to push back against the encroaching tide, with a view to make people aware of the rights which are theirs by birth right. We stand for values that underpin freedom, self-government, and justice. If these are things you hold dear to your heart, read on..

We have worked hard for many years to curate, create and promote provided resources to help people understand their rights and how they are protected by the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Our family campaign offers practical tools and information to raise awareness of individual rights, including historical materials, expert writers, case trials, and videos. Our campaign gains momentum with each passing week, and we have no intention of slowing down!

As part of our work, we encourage everyone to join us in raising awareness and to share our information with others. Our street campaign involves distributing informative and interesting materials of our own making like flyers and cards to members of the public. We rely on our members to support us, by getting involved in a variety of ways including but not least our piece de resistance, the pledge of loyalty (Oath to Barons or yourself) to uphold and defend your rights against tyranny under Article 61 of the Magna Carta

​To help you get started, we have developed a user-friendly guide of powerful tools and templates. It is recommended to bookmark this link and take things at your own pace. Our guide, based on Clause 61 of the Magna Carta of 1215, can help you safeguard your rights from the comfort of your home; an Englishman's home is his castle after all!  To this end, we work using evidenced paperwork which will protect your fundamental rights; while ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones and asserting your sovereignty. Click here to access our free guide to start.


You can follow our actions and show your support by coming on board as a campaign supporter on our Patreon site. You will unlock a treasure trove of exclusive access to updates and content, send direct messages and much more. There has never been a better time to get involved and make your mark. It's time to stand up and say NO, before it is too late. We believe that we need to do this because of our children's future. Click here to become a registered supporter.

Our campaign tools have successfully expanded our reach, and we are pleased to see that people have been using them frequently. This indicates that the word is spreading about our campaign, which significantly supports our cause. Our Oath sets have helped people pledge allegiance by taking a lawful stand of defiance, and we offer a variety of items such as flyers, prints, and engraved pens to promote awareness about unalienable rights and the Magna Carta. You can shop for these items on our website. Click here to visit our shop!

We also have a social wix website hub which supports our growth and provides a safe space free from trolls and bots for you as we manage it. Your V.I.P. membership will give you access to our in-house groups and upcoming blogs. Click here to enter this website as a V.I.P. with access to our in-house (off facebook) groups, which are free from fact checkers and outside interference.

Your support can make a significant difference in our community. We encourage you to spread awareness through social media, shop, brochures, canvassing, and management. Join us on Facebook or our website's online community, where you can find popular groups such as Common Law Assent and Keep Cash U.K.


Our politicians are in the habit of outsourcing policy to unelected, unaccountable global organisations like WHO - this is totally undemocratic and needs to stop. To counter the influence of global organisations, we need to insist on real democracy HERE in the UK - join us as a member and help us do this via the button below.

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