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Defence Set - Caution Card and Exemption Wristband

Defence Set - Caution Card and Exemption Wristband


Our Defence lanyard is double sided with words on the back describing a caution to the offending party that you are standing under Article 61 with all the key phrases to get you through a challenging situation should one arise.

This pack includes our handy Common Law Assent "face covering exempt" silicone bands. Should you ever just feel like giving people an idea of why you are exempt but lawfully not just medically!


These cards and lanyards are very popular in situations where you need to stand up for yourself in public situations, notably during covid with the mask challenges and demands to take tests. The pack also comes with a few spare cards to hand to friends and spread awareness.


All proceeds go towards supporting our family grassroots campaign. Thank you for your purchase!


Don't forget that you can combine multiple items in your order to save on postage.

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