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Keep Cash Campaign Pack - Window Sticker & Leaflet Set

Keep Cash Campaign Pack - Window Sticker & Leaflet Set


If you are a fan of supporting local businesses and communities, this pack is for you. By using Cash at local shops and businesses, you're keeping the money in the community and boosting local economies.


Sticker Pack includes :

✔️One large high-quality 90mm window sticker is visible to the outside.

✔️THREE medium-size high-quality vinyl outdoor 51 mm round stickers to put anywhere you like.. perhaps even put and about! These are glossy and weatherproof!

✔️NEW: Sparkly Purple or Gold cash gift card/envelope.

✔️20 Bonus Keep Cash double-sided leaflets! These are our popular campaign materials, and “Cash is welcome please come in” is printed on the back for use in shop windows.


All proceeds go back towards bolstering our campaigns! Do your bit for the pushback today!

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