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We finally made it out canvassing this year 🙌 the start of a brand new year of new towns and cities to campaign in. 🙏

Don't forget we have all these leaflets and cards available in our website shop for our wonderful team members. Many of you have also been leafletting in your own towns. Thank you so much for getting involved in this campaign. We don't know how far the word has spread and how much farther it can go, hopefully very far indeed.

It's all a part of sharing the information that is a part of the common law to compel others to also stand alongside us. So, thanks 😊 for all your support in the last few years and for being proactive, and noticing what we are trying to do and getting on board.

See our video here. Thank you

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    to free ourselves from the bots and fact checkers over on Fa...

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