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Common Law Assent

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The Magna Carta of 1215 was invoked in 2001, and we stand under oath to the barons committee who invoked the law. As citizens of the realm, it is our duty to stand in defence of the rights of the people from treason and any other form of abuse. We must rise up against the crown and defend the children from any form of oppression. We must remember that the Magna Carta was created to protect our unalienable rights, and that we are obligated to fight in its defence.

We must remember that this is our responsibility and that we can no longer be complacent. We must take collective action to assure that the rights and freedoms of the people are not taken away from us. It is our duty to stand up against any form of tyranny. We must remember that the Magna Carta was invoked to protect our sacred rights and liberties, and that it is our responsibility to ensure that they remain in force to this day. We must remember that we are the keepers of the realm and that it is our right and our duty to defend it.

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