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Hello Everyone,

I need to make this announcement as there's a lot of confusion over the subscriptions and emails being sent out.

This is all a completely new thing which I wasn't accustomed to using. We are going through teething problems which our first supporters ie you maybe suffering somewhat with us. For that we are very sorry. We dont know about the system and how it works yet or what emails are automatically sent our or really fully how the subscriptions worked yet. 

Accidently I've sold subscriptions offline, which means the only way I can collect payment is by sending invoices or collecting money in person. I didn't know what it all meant.. online/offline subscriptions, apparently I have to upgrade my account with Wix to be able to do it all properly... (well they got me there). Its not a scam and noones money is being gathered without their awareness of it. You've all been sold offline subscriptions which is wrong and needs to cancelled.

It's not us sending out those emails. It's automated by WIX. Im sorry about their garishly huge writing and if it doesnt actually make any sense.

I thought I was doing things the correct way until only yesterday and I put PAID by everyones name (I dont know if you have an email for that) ...I'm afraid I have to cancel everyone's subscription as its completely useless to and start again to do online ones... I think. 

I'm sorry if people joined without full disclosure of the 99p a month fee. We were just starting to use this and some adverts were made with out full disclosure at first out of enthusiasm and trying to make a start. 

We did make a full advert which we now share but it seems I can't even get the subscription part correct now. Apologies to you all for all the inconvenience. All I can do is plead complete ignorance but we did try.



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