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SYNCHRONIZED: GLOBALLY ORCHESTRATED GENOCIDE: A state of abode for the 80% programmable thoughtless automatons, those sadly incapable of naming a single ingredient of the gene-altering mRNA injection - government’s EXCLUSIVE EXPERIMENTAL countermeasure for the gain-of-function Lieber/Fauci Wuhan bioweapon where the S1-SPIKE PROTEIN functions as a PRION, causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and other prion-like diseases. In addition, an overall constituent of the mRNA injection is GRAPHENE HYDROXIDE (hydrogel), LIPID NANOPARTICLES from Acuitas Therapeutics, University of British Columbia Canada, which is an essential carrier for the engineered mRNA genetic code designed to transport that code into cells. Graphene hydroxide effectively functions as NANO-RAZORS which slice through your vascular system. Ref: athletes collapsing and dying when professionally active. The prime minister of Canada has invested in this ‘essential’ technology employed by Pfizer and Moderna - Trudeau investigated for felony violations.

Felonious governments, outrageous salespersons/liars, have captured Medicine - banning drugs such as Ivermectin that block ACE-2 receptors, required by the virus to enter your cells and cause disease. The 80% mutated GMOs are stunningly oblivious of the injection’s content and function - ignorance perpetrated by duplicitous governments and their inuendo-propagating Main Stream Media military-grade war machine. Ignorance is bliss, however 'pig ignorance' is ecstasy. The 80% consider themselves ‘fully informed’ while acquiescing to the needle Pricks of history – treasonous, complicit, orchestrating officials soon named jailed, tried, convicted, and hanged appropriately under common law.

The 80% fully uninformed have biologically guaranteed their allegiance to the ubiquitous fascistic super state because, once mRNA vaxxed (gene-edited), always mRNA vaxxed - similar to needy, dependent, habit-driven, and desperate drug addicts. Certain decisions have irreversible consequences.

I AM the son of a distinguished veteran RCAF Flying Officer and Architect MRAIC who, is turning in his grave. Those belonging to the W.H.O. and, others who demoralize, corrupt, and coerce nations, (fascistic politicians, bankers, media and, medical officials) are not long for this Earth. Felonious government officials, who engineer lawless societies are liable to deathly account via Nuremburg II hangings or severe bloody vigilante justice, no quarter spared. One way or another they, will, pay.


Robert Bennet

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