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Large Keep Cash Foldable Tote Shopping Bag

Large Keep Cash Foldable Tote Shopping Bag


If you are a fan of supporting local businesses and communities, this shopping bag is for you. By using Cash at local shops and businesses, you're keeping the money in the community and boosting local economies.


This brand new Keep Cash bag is trendy and gives off a clear message when you are at the shops and walking home with your purchases. Produced due to popular demand, this limited production run is bound to turn heads.


The Luxuary shopping bag is water resistant and can be easily folded for when it is needed. The logo is very clear and includes the link to our online pro Cash community campaign.

This exciting bag is built to last, no more forking out for naff 30p bags every time you go to the supermarket.

Fellow shoppers and also cashiers will ask where you got such a striking bag. We hope some very fruitful discussions about the benefits of Cash will ensue!


All proceeds go back towards bolstering our campaigns!

Do your bit for the pushback today!

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