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Keep Cash Campaign Leaflets - A6 Double Sided x 40

Keep Cash Campaign Leaflets - A6 Double Sided x 40


Due to popular demand we are now offering HD Keep Cash flyers in our online store. This pack of 40 A6 glossy double sided flyers ideally can be posted to all the shops and businesses in your local high street.


Take part in this powerful campaign to protect Cash and its many benefits, including privacy, ease of use and reliability. Take the message to your high street and make sure your town is not left behind! The double sided design encourages shopkeepers to put the leaflet up in their window and leave visible for a considerable time.


As an aside, we cannot take cash for this product online (which is impossible as you know), however we always ensure to pay our local printers in cash.


All proceeds go towards supporting our family grassroots campaign (such as printing and distributing our own leaflets). Thank you for your purchase! 


Don't forget that you can combine multiple items in your order to save on postage. You can also get Common Law Assent leaflets here.

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