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Hello Everyone. As you may have noticed if you were sold an offline subscription, I cancelled the last of them last night. I didn't have any experience with Wix pricing plans at all at the time I sold them and thought I was doing it the right way but I was selling subscriptions offline which meant manual collection and a lot of people didn't know why they had been entered into a subscription. I apologise for that as I thought I was following the correct steps on how to go about setting up pricing plans and subs for groups but it was not.. Wix wanted extra 💰 off me to be able to set it up properly anyway!! I've half done it now, it's something people have to opt into themselves on a separate tab. I don't know if the changes will affect anyone's membership of the groups. It doesn't seem to have done so so far.

On that note Wix have changed the email campaign settings. We haven't been able to send an email shot for a while, but hopefully this will be righted soon and we can get back on track with communicating through the email campaigns.

Apologies for any inconvenience or emails that didn't make sense to you. We appreciate you being the first people to join this website, thank you for your understanding and we hope you all have a good day.



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